They say that sex makes you lose weight ....


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Decals for cup, cut with this text : I heard that sex makes you lose weight. Because I knit. or crochet. 🙂

Please note that the cup or t-shirt is not included in the price.
The letters on the t-shirts are either white or black, tell me your choice in the message.

These are durable products, the product is dishwasher safe but hand washing is much better for durability

Easy to apply

Your purchase includes:
*The decal on the transfer paper
*French instructions for use.

Made in Quebec 100%.

Available for mug, wine cup and T-shirt.



Prepare the surface for the installation of the self-adhesive vinyl Clean the surface with a mild soap and degreaser, such as dish soap. Be sure to rinse off any excess cleaner and leave the surface dry and free of dust or dirt.


Remove white paper and glue. Peel off the white paper so that only the decal remains on the transfer paper - make sure that all the elements peel off and follow the transfer paper.


Place the decal on the glass or cup, press it onto your surface with a scraper (you can use a credit card). Press from the centre to the sides to remove the compressed air from underneath the decal elements. Continue working downwards.

Instructions for use Decal for clothes

Step 1: Prepare to iron

Find a flat surface that is not heat sensitive and place a cotton pillowcase

or poly-blend on top. We recommend that you DO NOT use a

ironing, as they absorb too much heat. You will need heat and pressure to make the

the transfer adheres to your garment.

Empty the iron of water and turn it on. Set it to the highest cotton temperature,

without the steam setting. Preheat the iron for 5 minutes.

Once the iron is heated, iron the pillowcase to remove wrinkles and moisture.

Step 2: Iron firmly on the transfer

Place your garment on the pillowcase.

Remove the paper from the transfer. If you are unable to separate the media from the transfer,

try tearing the edge slightly to separate the layers.

Place the transfer, printed side up, over the area you want to see

on the garment.

Cover the transfer completely with very thin cloth

Iron the transfer onto the garment with firm, downward pressure. Slowly from

left to right and top to bottom.

You must iron for several minutes, always moving the iron gently.

After ironing, remove the garment from the heating zone and allow it to cool for at least 10 minutes.

At least 3 minutes. Turn off the iron.

Step 3: Remove the thin fabric.

Gently lift the transfer paper in one corner of the decal. If the image stays in place,

repeat the steps, but this time without a thin cloth.

Step 4Maintenance of your fabric transfer

Wash the garment inside out in the cold before wearing.



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