Faux fur pom pom 12cm (1017)


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Faux fur pom pom 12cm (4"1/2) fox fur. The difference between faux fox and raccoon fur is that the fox hair is shorter.

Each pom pom has a snap, so it is removable. The snap is sewn to the pom-pom and is 17mm and the ball in the centre varies from 4-5 cm (2-3 inches).

If you want to buy more than one pom-pom for the same toque, make sure you have the same size sew-on snap.

The Button is already on the sew-on snap, you just have to untie it.

Put them under the hair dryer and it's magic. And brush them a little on delivery with a cat brush and they'll spring back into shape.

pom pom for toque.

Choice of Color

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